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May 2014:  Innovation Exhibited at SEI
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George Washington Bridge in New York City
      The Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers held its annual Structures Congress in Boston on April 3-5, 2014.  SEI's Structures Congress 2014 featured hundreds of presentations and sessions covering about every aspect of structural engineering.                

     The SEI meeting also featured an exhibit hall showcasing work by structural engineering innovators for promoting progress in the structural engineering field.  The list below includes exemplary innovators exhibiting new structural engineering technologies at SEI's Structures Congress 2014:
     Simpson Strong-Tie, a giant in patented innovation for civil engineering subject matter, leads the structural connector industry.  Headquartered near the San Francisco Bay Area, Simpson Strong-Tie makes sizable innovations in civil engineering, with Simpson's Tyrell Gilb Research Laboratory forming the lynchpin of Simpson Strong-Tie's significant research & development efforts.  Not surprisingly, Simpson Strong-Tie holds hundreds of patents, many falling into solidly civil engineering patent classes. 
      As a leader in structural strengthening, Fyfe Company develops and patents technological advances involving fiber reinforced polymer.  Some of Fyfe's many patented technologies include systems for repairing and reinforcing a wide range of structural members to, for example, sustain additional load or to resist threats such as blasts.
      SidePlate helps to lead innovation in the field of steel frame connections.  SidePlate's patented technology provides advanced steel frame connection performance against forces such as, for example, earthquake loads.
      Skyline Steel, a NUCOR company, manufactures and fabricates steel systems for the civil engineering industry.  Skyline's products include, for example, innovative steel piling, piping, and wall systems.  
     BarSplice Products, Inc. develops innovative mechanical splice systems for the civil engineering industry.  BarSplice's products include a wide array of mechanical splice solutions for reinforced concrete construction. 
     Williams Form Engineering Corp. develops innovative products for the fastener and construction industries.  Williams offers novel solutions to the marketplace in areas such as anchor bolt systems, concrete forming accessories, and post-tensioning systems.
      Fabreeka develops innovative vibration and shock isolation systems for the civil engineering industry.  Some exemplary Fabreeka products include structural bearings and vibration isolation pads.      
      Stainless Structurals produces structural steel shapes and innovative custom shapes for civil engineering applications.  Stainless Structurals employs its laser fusion technology to produce steel shapes having custom profiles to meet unique challenges in the field.