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Certificate of Correction
U.S. Patenting
      A certificate of correction provides the Civil Engineering Patent Applicant with a procedure to correct minor typographical errors in an issued patent.  If the mistake occurred through the fault of the USPTO, the Applicant may file a request for a Certificate of Correction to correct the patent, which the USPTO typically grants for minor typographical errors.  If the error occurred through the fault of the Applicant, the USPTO imposes additional requirements on the Applicant to obtain a Certificate of Correction, including a statement that the error was in good faith and that no new matter is being added in the requested correction.  Once a Certificate of Correction issues, it has the same effect and operation in law as the subject patent.      

     The USPTO has discretion to deny the Applicant's request for a Certificate of Correction.  For example, the USPTO may deny the request when the agency determines that the mistake for which correction is sought is not "minor."  In such a case, the Applicant may resort to Reissue to correct the patent. 
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