This website illustrates how Civil Engineers may make greater use of the Global Patent System to Promote Progress in their Field.
The American Founders included Patent Rights in the United States Constitution to Promote Progress.
Published Work
The author on the George Washington Bridge in New York City, 2003
Patent Clauses in State DOT Contracts: Paper Tigers?
Civil and Structural Engineer, May 2014
Patenting Civil Engineering Innovation
CE News, September 2013

Global Patented Innovation in Structural Engineering
, January 2013

Evolving Patent Laws
CE News, June 2012

Patent Eligibility: An Open Field for Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering, January 2012
(linked pdf provided with permission from ASCE)
Published Articles Related to Civil Engineering & Patent Law
Speaking Engagements Related to Civil Engineering & Patent Law
143rd Annual Civil Engineering Conference
ASCE, October 11, 2013, in Charlotte, North Carolina

Symposium on Resilience Engineering
University of Delaware & ASCE, March 23, 2013, in Newark, Delaware